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Christian Mediators Forum

Peace, Love & Unity.
Let's hope for the best
Rev (Dr) Isaac Kweku Koomson
Director/Moderator of CMF

Christian Mediators Forum


There are two methods of conflict resolution namely: formal and informal.

The formal method involves arbitration and adjudication, whilst the informal ones are negotiation, good offices, mediation, and conciliation. Christian Mediation forum (CMF) would seek to focus on the informal aspect of conflict resolution which would be mediation.

Mediation by definition is a process in which an impartial third party (a mediator) facilitates the resolution of a dispute(s) between two or more parties by promoting the parties’ voluntary agreement (or self-determination) of the dispute(s). Mediation helps the disputing parties to manage their differences in practical ways without needing to resolve the value differences between them.

In addition, mediation can assist conflicting individuals by establishing appropriate rules, structures and processes for communication and interaction among feuding parties even when there is little goodwill between them (Boulle and Nesic 2001, p.11,12.).

Mediation has been practiced in Ghana for a period of time but became official in the judicial system since the alternative dispute resolution was enacted in 2010 act (Act 798) and research confirms that mediation has been a tool for conflict resolution both in the western world and in Africa or Ghana to help families communities and the industries, however, the practitioners in the west have had professionals whilst those in Africa have had fewer professionals (Amanda Boniface 2012)

Christian Mediators Forum (CMF) is a faith-based organization that seeks to fulfill the mandate of our savior Jesus during his earthly ministry which was to bring mediation and reconciliation between divinity and humanity (1 Timothy 2:5; Gal. 3:20; Heb. 8:6; 2Cor. 5:19; Romans 11:15), CMF will exist to achieve the same aim by creating a forum to support and equip volunteers and practitioners in faith-based groups to discharge their duties with appropriate standards

Operational Areas

Create a forum to discuss trending conflicts and offer training to equip practitioners.

Offer practitioners an opportunity to encourage and support each other through social interactions.

To speak for and support vulnerable victims of conflicts.

Offer opportunity to individuals who can support and encourage victims of conflicts in the community. 

Our Objectives

To offer support to volunteers and practitioners in faith based society to


To serve as a dispute resolution entity that operate with global peace building standards and practices.


To exist to assist and support groups in the faith based society in the local, national and international community to maintain standard mediation skills as practitioners


Peace, Love & Unity!


Let's Hope For The Best.
Core values
Honesty, knowledge, Integrity perseverance, hope, faith, love.


All those who are into assisting disputing parties in faith based organization


We organize quarterly meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops to equip practitioners

Meet Our Executives

Rev (Dr) Isaac Kweku Koomson
Director/Moderator of CMF
Comfort Ninson
Recording Secretary
Organizing/Field Secretary

Contact Us

+233 20 760 7120
Box DL 939, Cape Coast