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Our Background

Mediation in Conflict Resolution

Peace through Understanding: CMF’s Mediation Approach to Conflict Resolution

There are two methods of conflict resolutions namely: formal and informal. The formal method involves arbitration and adjudication, whilst the informal ones are negotiation, mediation, and conciliation. Christian Mediation forum (CMF) would seek to focus on the informal aspect of conflict resolution which would be mediation. Mediation by definition is a process in which an impartial third party (a mediator) facilitates the resolution of a dispute(s) between two or more parties by promoting the parties voluntary agreement (or self-determination) of the dispute(s).

Mediation at CMF Builds Bridges

Constructive Communication: The Power of Mediation in Conflict Management with CMF

Mediation helps disputing parties to manage their differences in practical ways without needing to resolve the value differences between them. In addition, mediation can assist conflicting individuals by establishing appropriate rules, structures and processes for communication and interaction among feuding parties even when there is little goodwill between them.

Navigating Ghana’s Mediation Evolution with CMF

The Challenge

Mediation has been practiced in Ghana for a period of time but became official in the judicial system since the alternative dispute resolution was enacted in 2010 act (Act 798) and research confirms that mediation has been a tool for conflict resolution both in the western world and in Africa or Ghana to help families, communities and the industries, however the practitioners in the west have had professionals whilst those in Africa have been less professionals (Amanda Boniface 2012)  

The Solutions

We serve as a professional dispute resolution entity that operate with global peace building standards and practices.

With our presence, Africa is one step closer to having professional mediators when needed and well as provide the required education to stakeholders and interested parties through peace, love and unity.

The Results

  • Create positive environment among disputing parties
  • Assist disputing parties to identify their interests and priorities
  • Assist practitioners to improve their communication skills
  • Support disputing parties to manage a destructive emotion
  • Create a forum to Brainstorm on option for managing cases
  • Help formulate proposal for case management
  • Equip practitioners to acquire the skill in narrowing options and recording agreements they arrive at.

Our Team

Rev (Dr) Isaac Kweku Koomson

Moderator / Director

Comfort Ninson

Recording Secretary

Benedict Anumel

Organizing / Field Secretary